Govt financial aid makes many sylhet people’s life normal

With the financial aid of the government, many people infected with various chronic diseases are getting back to normal and comfortable life every year in the division.

Govt financial aid makes many Sylhet people’s life normal

As part of the Govt financial aid, the district social service office has so far distributed a grant of Taka two crore to 400 helpless patients in the current fiscal year.

Fatema Begum, (61), was among the beneficiaries. She was suffering from paralysis due to a stroke in the Material Bazar area at West Jaflong Union of Gowainghat Upazila. Recently she recovered a lot by taking treatment.

Fatema Begum said she could not afford the treatment cost while she needed Taka one lakh. With the advice and cooperation of the neighbors, she applied to Upazila Social Service Office for Govt financial assistance.

In August last year, she received a grant of Taka 50,000 from the Govt. This money allows her to take better treatment. Many of her neighbors also cooperated further. So, she was cured of a lot of her sicknesses by treatment.

In this Upazila, 40 people including three children infected with very complicated diseases were given financial assistance in the last fiscal year.

The beneficiaries included patients with cancer, congenital diseases, thalassemia, kidney complications, and liver cirrhosis.

Farmers, teachers, housewives, school children, and children of different ages are among the grant recipients.

Gowainghat Upazila Social Service Officer Abu Kawsar said many people apply for Govt assistance every year.

Among the applicants, the real helpless patients are found out and they are given financial assistance subject to allocation, he said.

Govt financial aid makes many Sylhet people’s life normal

He also said the grant money is deposited directly to the patient’s bank account and in the case of children, money is sent to their guardian’s bank account.

In every Upazila of Sylhet like Gowainghat, financial grants are given to people suffering from complicated diseases.

Mahmoud Ahmed (4), of Kanaighat Upazila, received the grant this year. He was born with a complicated disease. Salma Begum of Gharaigram of the Upazila was extremely worried about her child. The doctor advised them to take her child to the capital for better treatment. But, due to financial hardship, the helpless mother was not able to do anything.

Salma Begum said she was trying her best to treat her son and going to the doctor every month. Even, though she continued her son’s treatment by taking a loan, notable results were not coming.

Last year, a doctor suggested she take the child to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University in Dhaka for better treatment, she said.

But, she could not go because of money. In June, she received financial support from the Govt. She is now hopeful that she will be able to return home with a healthy baby.

Govt financial aid makes many Sylhet people’s life normal

Upazila social service officer Mohammad Jilani said every year, hundreds of people, who are suffering from various diseases, apply for financial assistance.

“But we give grants to the most helpless people. If the allocation increases, many more will get it,” he said.

Swapan Chakraborty, (53), of Chhatak Shibpur in Companiganj Upazila, who was diagnosed with cancer, received financial assistance last year. Once he suffered a lot. But, taking government assistance, he successfully underwent a leg operation in Dhaka. Now he is much better.

Swapan Chakraborty said he had a small tumor that took a serious turn. He was helpless in want of money but with the help of a 50,000 government grant, he has been able to undergo an operation. He is now pretty well.

Swapan Chakraborty expressed gratitude to the government for assistance.

District Social Service Officer Nibas Ranjan Das said Taka 21 million was distributed among people with complicated diseases in 13 Upazilas.

Apart from providing grants to the patients infected with various diseases, four thousand tea workers and one lakh six thousand women have been given an old age allowance under the social security program, he said.

Besides, 45 thousand 131 women have been given widow allowance, 42 thousand 129 disabled persons have been given an allowance and one thousand 561 disabled people were given education stipends.

Govt financial aid makes many Sylhet people’s life normal

Other than that, allowances have been provided to 556 persons under the living standard development program for the backward, Vedic, and Transgender communities.

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